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What is Biomechanics?
Biomechanics is the study of internal and external forces that act upon different structures of the body such as muscles, tendons and bones. It also looks at the range nad quality of motion at certain joints. In podiatry we are concerned how this effects walking and contribution to pain in the feet and legs.

The foot is unique in the body due to its position and function. the huge volume of weight placed on your feet every day forms the basis for many lower limb problems.

 At newcastle Foot Health CLinic Ltd, we offer careful biomechanical examination, attempting to pick out these imbalances and correct them by mechanical means such as foot orthoses.

Conditions which may benefit from orthotic intervention include:-

Plantar fasciitis.
Achilles Tendinopathy.
Knee Pain
Ankle Strains and Sprains.
Shin Splints.
Stress fractures.
Flat Feet (over pronation)
High Arch (supination).
Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction.
Patellofemoral Joint Syndrome.
Leg Length Discrepancy.
Plus many more.
All of the above can be treated effectively with the lower limb expertise of a Podiatrist. Stretching, Padding and strapping can all be incorporated into a treatment plan as well as assesing soft tissue relationships in the foot and ankle to gain excellent results.


Running GEneratedseven more weight placed on your feet. if their is any insefficiency in the the system then injury can occu. Biomechanic assesment and treatment looks at changes these forces to to aid the athelete in becoming less injury prone.

Foot Orthosis (prescription for your feet)

Orthotics have transformed he treatment of many foot and lower limb problem. developed over many decades the modern orthotic is a higly developed piece of engineering. in order to obtain the prescription a full biomechanical examination is required.

A Podiatrist not only looks at the foot and ankle we assess the whole of the body through Biomechanical examinations, gait analysis and can prescribe insoles, orthotics and give footwear advice specifically related to your individual sport. Many sports related injuries originate from the way we walk and run.

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