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Generally occur due to an underlying Biomechanical or Gait abnormality but can also occur from ill fitting footwear. Corns have the habit of getting worse if neglected and are particularly troublesome in people with a poor blood or nerve supply to the feet they can lead to ulcerations and infection if not treated.

There are 5 types of Corns that present in different ways and different areas of the foot:

Hard Corns

Also Called Heloma Durum these occur over bony prominences such as the tops of the toes, on bunions and on the metatarsal heads on the 'ball of the foot' these tend to feel like 'walking on pebbles'. They are dark yellow/white in colour, pushing into the skin causing pain.

Soft Corns

Also Called Heloma Molle these occur exclusively between the toes. they are as the name implies soft, white and soggy, and sometimes painful.

Seed Corns

Also Called Heloma Miliare. Generally occur on drier skin and weight bearing areas of the foot.

Fibrous Corns

these corns occur in areas of high loads such as metatarsal heads, and neglected hard corns.

Vascular & Neurovascular Corns

Similiar to the fibrous corns are long standing and neglected hard corns. These occur in areas of high 'torsion'. The corns take on a blood and nervous supply and are very painful on direct pressure can be mistaken for verruca.

Callus & Hard Skin

Callus are mechanically induced hyperkeratosis. Basically a build up on skin due to different forces acting upon the foot such as shear, friction, pressure, torsion and tension. Callus if overlooked can turn to a pre ulcerative callus which has a spongy texture and looks dark yelow/black/or red under the callus these need immediate attention especially those with a poor blood supply.

All of the above ailments are treated in slightly different ways depending on individual medical histories, sites of the corns/callus and general appearance of the corn/callus.

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