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Verrucae are part of the Human Papiloma Virus family and affect the epidermis of the skin. Occasionally they are painful, especially on weight bearing parts of the foot. Warts and Verrucae are the same thing a verruca on the foot is called Verruca Pedis. Known for being difficult to get rid of the treatment of verrucae requires a lot of patience.

Treatments Include:
Salicylic Acid
Silver Nitrate.
Mono, Di and Trichloracetic acids.
All the above treatments require different aftercare based on the destructive nature of the medicaments being used, but expect to have 5 treatments  or more to get rid of the verruca.
The main advantage of consulting a Podiatrist compared to a GP is that we can apply stronger medicaments and regularly debride the verrucae and callus. Offering quicker results

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